On dating and art

  When you're dating and still hoping to get married and have a daughter, it's probably best not to keep buying art that includes the favorite sport of current guy and your family aspirations. You simply wind up with nice art that never gets framed or hung. But you get a good laugh at how …

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated

Without color, the world would be pretty boring. It's why I like the old rowhouses in places like Charleston and New Orleans. The world of artistic graffiti and the world of hippies is full of vibrant, beautiful color, too. Inspired by The Daily Post

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

Joseph Carnevale was an NC State University student when I first saw his unique vision for creating street art using those ubiquitous construction barrels. The Barrel Monster sculpture was a big hit with people who had sense. Not so much with the understandably humorless law enforcement folks. He followed it up with other unique barrel …

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