Bull in front yard

Weekly Photo Challenge: On the way

I feel like much of what I photograph is the everyday things I happen upon. Here we are walking through a regular city neighborhood on the way back from a trip downtown, when we came upon a bull grazing in someone's front yard. UN-TIED BULL IN THE FRONT YARD! Now this might be regular in Barbados, but …

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow

This week I'm taking on the photo challenge theme by showing Barbados dressed in yellow, one of the official flag's colors. From the most vibrant hue to a shade of pastel to proudly and loudly golden, here is a celebration of yellow to brighten up the gray days of winter. Get on the sunny side …

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Throwback Thursday: The snow man cart

Back in the day, this was the equivalent of the Ice Cream Man in Barbados. It's the Snow man's cart where you could get a nice cold snow cone to cool you down on a hot, hot day during a long walk from the city back to the farm.