St. George Parish Church cemetery

Weekly Photo Challenge: Victory

My great grandmother had lived in a rural part of Barbados where the roads, if there are roads, are typically narrow, unmarked and sometimes only partially paved. I'd been all around the island mostly by coast, but not into the deep, deep center where sugar cane and other crops are tall and plentiful. When I mentioned my desire …

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three ladies at a stadium

Weekly Photo Challenge: Connected

Connected to these beautiful women by DNA: my mother, great grandmother and grandmother. The representation of a DNA strand is compliments of the Museum of Natural Sciences. See more connections at The Daily Post.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Gone but not forgotten

I found these photos in an album tucked away in a closet of my Great Aunt Emily and Great Aunt Daisy. I didn't think about it until I was older, but these two women were entrepreneurs back when not too many women ran businesses. Emily, who was deaf since age 5, ran a hairdressing shop out of …

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