Just Mi Yeon it!

This is my new solution to every K-drama plot or situation that makes no sense. I just Mi Yeon it. How does one Mi Yeon? Mi Yeoning takes skill and preparation. First you need one straw, a wine glass and a stash of fine wine (or boxed, you won't care when you're still drunk at breakfast the …

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Best of 2015 K-drama so far

We're almost halfway through 2015. So what K-drama is worth watching? What's the best of the best? Vote here.

Love is in the Air

If cupid was as accurate as Darryl from The Walking Dead for you this year, you might enjoy these cards. I don't really celebrate Valentine's Day, Single's Awareness Day (oh the irony of that acronym: SAD) or Black Day if you're in Korea, but I thought these were pretty funny.