Notice from DramaFever

DramaFever is DEAD was a great niche website for fans of Asian dramas. It was murdered on October 16, 2018 by corporate American media greed. Maybe that sounds a bit melodramatic. Kinda like the Asian melodramas I adore watching. But when you're in the middle of watching the fourth episode of an eight episode show you're marathoning, …

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100% Synchronized

When random things in the world instantly make you think of k-pop. Rappers no matter where they live can't resist a diss.

K-drama blogs not on WordPress

Searching for other good blogs that talk about Korean pop culture so you can endlessly get your fill? Get off WordPress for a minute and check out these two over on Blogger. The Crazy Ahjummas I have to disagree with my Operation K-drama buddy that 2014 was a yeah of "blah" dramas. I thought there was …

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