Liar Game Japanese TV series

One worth remaking: Liar Game

Liar Game is the first Asian drama I've watched that I think could easily be successfully adapted as a remake for American TV. Yep, I am all about the Liar Game universe right now. Currently I'm watching both the original Japanese and the Korean versions of the show. The Korean Liar Game is 12 episodes …

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B Guy Blues

I got the B guy blues. After you've watched a few K-dramas you notice that the leading man's best friend or another guy vying for the leading lady's affections has just as much yumminess as the A guy (the lead). This is such a dilemma. Especially because he is usually so much nicer to and …

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K-drama challenge

Finally settled on a new Korean drama and decided to try to watch one currently airing. "Rookie mistake" my k-drama pimp told me. She was right. I've already burned through the six posted (and fully translated) episodes on, and have rewatched and added timed comments to them. Still no episode 7. Lesson learned. Anyway, …

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