When cultural interests aren’t cultured enough

The other day two work friends good-naturedly started teasing me about wanting to be Korean. But it wasn't funny to me. Here's why. A lot of people know I've been trying to learn to read and speak Korean. For the last couple of years, most TV, movies and music I watch and listen to come from South …

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Said wrong

Lately I've been noticing people botching old sayings such as these both verbally and written: All intensive purposes, but really it's for all intents and purposes. Bare with me when really it's bear with me. At my widths end, but really it's at my wits end. Sigh.

Morphing language is so fetch!

For a long time I've been fascinated by how languages changes. My recent experience hanging out with an Australian, two Brits, two ladies from Massachusetts and Barbadians all at once really brought home how the English language has morphed. It was so interesting to me to hear all of us speaking the same language yet …

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