The NFL is back!

Yeah, I know the National Football League's season started a couple of weeks ago. But really with it starting with replacement referees because of the striking referees it feels like today is the official start of the Sunday game 2012-13 NFL season. The NFL seems like a greedy entity sometimes, but it produces a really …

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NE Pats. Is Karma a …?

So many things start running through an overly imaginative writer's head when you see someone take out Terrific Tom--Tom Brady gridiron god, mack daddy stetson smooth, golden boy, carrier of supermodel bags and package picker upper--THE MAN--Tom Brady.Is it karma, as a friend suggested, for spygate? No bad deed goes unpunished.Just when Daunte Culpepper retires …

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Chargers and Panthers

Who plugged in the Chargers! They had a huge surge reeling in 41 points. Somebody should tell them they needed to spread that out over previous four games. It's like Thanksgiving dinner--don't try to eat it all and get bloated, save some for later.Thank God for kickers. Count on Kasay.