two mini schnauzers at the park

Weekly Photo Challenge: Tour Guide

Now this really is a challenge for me. The honeymoon for me and the place I live is over. Growth brought lovely things at first. Now, it's bringing more of the negatives: traffic congestion, more crime, failing infrastructure, higher cost of housing, tacky, generic apartments/condos being built, etc. But there are still a few things that I enjoy about …

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall

Wall of weather A wall of brownstones in Brookline created a wall of fresh snow in a brutal winter. While a nondescript brick wall sits behind the remains of a wall of "snirt" in Raleigh. Build up (or tear down) more walls at The Daily Post.

Renaming North Carolina and other natural disasters

After natural disaster week in North Carolina (no Steve Jobs resignation doesn't qualify), our state might need to be renamed. This week alone we had the most powerful earthquake to hit the east coast in about 70 years. A magnitude 5.8 earthquake that was felt from Canada to Georgia. This was followed quickly by Hurricane …

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