B Guy Blues

I got the B guy blues.

After you’ve watched a few K-dramas you notice that the leading man’s best friend or another guy vying for the leading lady’s affections has just as much yumminess as the A guy (the lead). This is such a dilemma. Especially because he is usually so much nicer to and more compatible with the leading lady. You really want him to get the girl. The shows make it see like he has a real chance. But after watching 24 shows now, I’ve accepted this is a losing battle.*

But to help my losing cause of rooting for B guy and subsequently getting a broken heart, I’ve got a strategy. It actually started accidentally with the first two shows I watched–Boys Over Flowers and Playful Kiss. In BOF the B guy, played by Kim Hyun Joong, is as rich and good-looking as the A guy, played by Lee Min Ho. He’s also smarter and sweeter than the A guy and has more attributes you actually look for in a husband. Anyway he’s still a B guy so he didn’t get the girl. But in Playful Kiss Kim Hyun Joong plays the A guy. So by watching it right after BOF, I got the satisfaction of seeing him get the girl–even though it was a different character and as the A guy he was a jerk. But anyhoo…

So that’s the strategy. Hate that a B guy didn’t win the lady? Just find a show where he plays the A guy and watch that right after. Simple.

If anyone knows of a show where Kim Si Hoo, who played Lee Sun Ho in Love Rain, plays the A guy please let me know. They really should have given him a nice girlfriend as a consolation, but maybe it’s just we Americans always want a happy ending.

*SPOILER: Okay so Dream High is the exception to this rule. I was shocked!