Weekly Photo Challenge: Peaceful

I feel most peaceful when I'm home, recharging. In every place I've lived, even in my former 400 sq-ft studio, I've had a cozy spot to read or relax and make me feel peaceful. This is it.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter

This photo reminds me that sometimes winter can bring not just cold and way too early darkness, but some fun, magical and unexpected things, too. Like this giant ferris wheel in the middle of downtown Raleigh on on Fayetteville Street. It was a feature of the French-themed First Night Raleigh 2011.

So long 2011

It's easy to beat up on 2011. I don't know how many times in the last couple of weeks I've heard people saying how badly 2011 sucked. Yeah, national and local politics definitely hit an all-time, infantile low. And, for my friends who lost a parent this year, it definitely was a miserable year. My …

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