Stone monuments in Gion, Kyoto cemetery

Honoring family

I was fortunate to experience Japan during the Obon festival in July. During Obon many Japanese return to their hometowns to honor their ancestors. While that meant I ran into a few shops and attractions that were closed for the holiday, I also got to see lots of people dressed in yukatas (summer kimonos) and …

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A Kyoto ghost story

Sooo....I’m pretty sure I saw a ghost while I was in Kyoto. Well I didn't actually see it, I just saw the evidence of being in the presence of one. While I waited at the entrance of a shrine, I noticed a totally empty tiny playground nearby. In it sat two swings side by side. …

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Childhood Japan

My brothers and I loved watching Godzilla fight monsters and Ultraman save the world after school. I was determined to date Racer X from Speed Racer when I got old enough. But once I started watching Battle of the Planets, I added Mark and Jason to my dating list. But they didn't replace Racer X …

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