He said it, coach didn’t hear him

A friend pointed out that Marshawn Lynch repeated this enough, so much in fact, it became an Internet meme: "You know why I'm here." Someone apparently did not know.

Funny Super Bowl takes

These two come from daily humor website Timothy McSweeney. Clever Words that could conceivably be used to describe both SUPER BOWL AND A SUPERB OWL By Michael Ward Unpredictable Head-turning Majestic Fast-paced Expensive Bone-crunching Spirited A hoot View the original. Classic Super Bowl Lore by Adam Underhill The first Super Bowl, in 1967, wasn’t even …

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Super Bowl Pick

Da Bears.Check out this moment in history 1985 Chicago Bears Super Bowl Shuffle.Otis Wilson and Willie Gault--yummy chocolate swirls not lookin' to cause no trouble indeed!