Thoughts 6 years later

Pinkpodster Ponders in thought bubbleFor a long while now Pinkpodster hasn’t pondered. Well, to be exact, I’m always pondering. Just not putting my pondering to paper in a post. My place to ponder has over time become amateur photos all the time. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I’m sure my Facebook and Instagram friends are grateful. 🙂

This post isn’t a commitment to change that. Because let’s be real, blogging isn’t my livelihood and I have a life that needs to be lived. It’s more like a remember to myself I still have a place to share the minutia of my world or whatever rants, big thoughts and dreams I have. Hopefully you who have subscribed will continue to like and follow along when you can.

To quote Chuck D, “I got so much trouble on my mind. Refuse to lose. Here’s your ticket.”





To hell in a hand basket

Funny how with all the chit-chat about the VMAs in all my social media feeds and on the news there wasn’t a mention of the actual musical performances. It was all about Miley’s outfits, Kanye being Kanye, Bieber bawling and some beef with Nicki Minaj.  Remember when we were all like oooo Britney Spears has a big fat snake around her neck saying she’s a slave for you.

Only one person texted me about enjoying a performance (by a woman I didn’t know).

I guess they may as well stop pretending that his has anything to do with music or videos.