A story of service on Veterans Day

My Grand Uncle enlisted in the Army during World War II. Later in the 1950s he also served in the Marines. He was born in Panama during the Spanish flu pandemic. Survived it! Then immigrated to America with the family at age 14. Thanks to his father’s work on the Panama Canal he became a …

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One thing Mama showed me throughout my life was a commitment to vote. One of my earliest memories is going with her to a building and standing beside her in a booth with a curtain.

three sizes of Native Deodorant.

Going aluminum free

I didn't learn I could smell like the funk of 1000 years until I switched from using Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant to aluminum-free deodorant.  I've always thought of myself perspiring in a ladylike manner, but here we are. Several times I almost caved and returned to my favorite brand. But others who had made the switch convinced me to …

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