Notice from DramaFever

DramaFever is DEAD was a great niche website for fans of Asian dramas. It was murdered on October 16, 2018 by corporate American media greed. Maybe that sounds a bit melodramatic. Kinda like the Asian melodramas I adore watching. But when you're in the middle of watching the fourth episode of an eight episode show you're marathoning, …

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Sweet

Spanish figure skater Javier Fernandez nails aegyo (애교) in this sweet photo of him receiving the bronze medal at the 2018 Winter Olympics. He definitely has the looks to be a K-pop idol and now the moves, too! There's more sweets for the sweet at The Daily Post. SaveSave

In Time With You Remake Review

***May contain spoilers*** I tried to give The Time We Were Not in Love a fair chance. Because In Time With You is in my top 10 and the only Taiwanese drama that I want to re-watch, I knew it was going to be a hurdle to like its remake. Since I've watched multiple versions of …

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