100% Synchronized

When random things in the world instantly make you think of k-pop. Rappers no matter where they live can't resist a diss.

The mostest Makjang: Mask

I'm only 3 episodes in and I'm calling it. Mask is going to be in the next K-drama Makjang classic. Murder, mayhem, dopplegangers, debtors, gas lighting, and so much more. If over-the-top melodrama is your thing catch up with a marathon. And for Inspirits, Hoya is in it.

Love is in the Air

If cupid was as accurate as Darryl from The Walking Dead for you this year, you might enjoy these cards. I don't really celebrate Valentine's Day, Single's Awareness Day (oh the irony of that acronym: SAD) or Black Day if you're in Korea, but I thought these were pretty funny.