One Wacky Wiener Tale

Several times in my 20s I was told I’d make a good politician’s wife by people who I thought knew me very, very well! I’ve no idea why. All I can say is you couldn’t pay me enough money to take on that duty. It sounds like a nightmare. For anyone seriously considering it, at least you have a clear blueprint of what you might face in the future.

Rep. Anthony Wiener Weiner is the latest in a ridiculously long list of powerful, public men who just couldn’t resist the temptation of flirtation with women who are not their wives. Weiner’s tale really is just wacky, not wicked. As much as I think his behavior is despicable and inappropriate for a married man, so far no one has said he actually had sex outside his marriage. Sending photos of your wiener on Twitter and Facebook and trading flirtatious texts with young women when you’re 46 years old, yeah pretty icky. Definitely a problem. But we’re not talking about running for POTUS and lying about having an affair and the child it produced. Or sitting in the Governor’s mansion for a decade and lying about having an affair and the child that produced. Even paralysis didn’t stop one of our most beloved President’s from tipping with his mistress in the White House and on occasion at the hot springs. Well, Weiner was probably about to come to that path eventually, but he got caught before arrival.

Initially, I was going to have so much fun poking at Weiner in this post. But after hearing that his wife is apparently 3 months pregnant, well… and really, at this point every possible joke has been made by people much funnier than me. It’s sadder when a child is brought into or affected by the horrible choices of adults. Here’s a kid barely formed who is going to arrive into a mess. Because it looks like Weiner has an addiction and if anyone thinks he’s done doing this type of thing, you’re crazy. He admittedly did it before and during marriage so what is to stop him? I’d also argue that if you think Bill Clinton is not dabbling in women while his wife travels as much as she does, then you’re truly crazy.  I suppose folks will say Mrs. Weiner had a front seat at the Clinton scandal so she knew what she was getting into. The peanut gallery said similar things about Tiger Woods wife. But the one universal thing about women is this: When in love, it doesn’t matter what they’ve seen or learned about relationships. They NEVER think it’s going to be them standing there at the podium trying to process that they’ve just been made a fool of by their husband. Who gets married thinking their husband will cheat or text naked photos to other women? No one, unless you really are extra paranoid from the hippie lettuce you nestled in your brownies.

I guess my biggest question about this whole situation is: How could anyone think that Bill Clinton officiating a wedding would bless the marriage and lead it to everlasting wedded bliss of the until death do you part variety?

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