Smart Shoppers

couponsTarget, Harris Teeter, et al, listen up. I’ll be buying fewer items at your stores from now on. Because you are penalizing loyal, frugal customers (e.g. smart shoppers) because of a TV show called Extreme Couponing. WHAT!?

Yes, let me get this straight. I can no longer use more than 20 coupons, Harris Teeter, during one shopping trip. Target, I can’t use 3 or more coupons of the same type even IF I HAVE THREE OR MORE OF THAT ITEM.

My mother is a coupon shopper. At 5 years old I saw her work wonders with them. Every penny she saved meant I might get a treat, like a special candy or bag of BBQ chips or a small toy. I learned early, that there are things you need to buy, but if you save money on them you can either stock away the savings or sometimes buy something you wouldn’t have extra money for without getting a discount. I followed in her footsteps. Mama still mails me coupons every month, even though I get my own from the Sunday paper, VIP cards and numerous online sites.

But now, two of the stores I frequently shop have decided to enact these new coupon rules. I’m sure I’ll find others with similar rules as I look for another food store to patronize. What I do know is I won’t be picking up as many unnecessary, luxury items when my ability to save is restricted. This means less profit for you. I’ll be sticking to my list when I visit your store. And taking my other, more frivolous business to lower-priced establishments called your competition.

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