I missed the WOW!

My employer gave us a great health fair the other day. Lot’s of good info, food and swag. One of my coworkers, concerned that I may have missed the best giveaway that wasn’t a part of a drawing, encouraged me to make sure I didn’t miss a specific giveaway bag.

So I grab the bag and later at my desk I started pulling out the items. When I got to a black neoprene case, I figured, “Aha! This must be le pièce de résistance.” I unzip it and I see a squarish blue item. I look it over several times, trying to figure out what it is. This went on for more than a few minutes until finally I broke down and yell over the cube fence, “Hey, what is this thing we got from the vendor at the health fair check in?”

“A portable mouse.” the response floats back from my right.

Now I’m really embarrassed. For at least 5-10 minutes, I thought it was a flashlight. There was a dial so maybe a radio. A magnifying glass… I thought of many things. But never did computer mouse occur to me. I turned back to my computer, reached for my mouse…Ohh!

Apple magic mouse

I totally missed the WOW factor of the really neat gift because my coworker is a PC. I’m a Mac. It’s been a really long time since I’ve seen a two button mouse or even a mouse without a tiny trackball. Also, I recently upgraded to a Magic Mouse. My WOW factor has gradually been really elevated thanks to being completely surrounded by Apple, Inc. products daily at work and home.

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