Flower Boy Ramen Shop Review

tv show castConsidering the tone of a whole K-drama show often doesn’t end up being much like the first couple of episodes, I decided to give Flower Boy Ramyun (Ramen) Shop another try. I needed a lightweight comedy with eye candy after all that Attic Cat craziness. I’m not a fan of May-December romances of either gender but apparently I really don’t like the female teacher with male student dramas. It’s creepy. That’s one reason why I just couldn’t get with Big. Ironically, I’m writing this after just saying I’m watching for eye candy.

Anyway my strategy was to start watching at episode 6. That worked. Since I liked that episode it made me go back and watch from episode 3 just so I could figure out who all these characters were. Here’s the thing about this show. Right of the bat it’s completely ridiculous as there is no way in the history of the universe a 25-year-old woman is going to choose a spoiled brat 19-year-old over a 6 ft 5 in tall drink of water that is handsome, charming, sincere, quirky and a great cook. Okay so he seems to be narcoleptic or something, but still way better than the not as handsome, too young, out-of-touch-with-his-feelings, son-of-a-chaebol kid. So just right off the bat you really have to be willing to suspend disbelief quite a bit. As regular drama watchers know, the second lead, no matter how fabulous, does not get the lady (With one exception that I know of so far, but I won’t spoil anyone). Also, some of the leading guy’s friends are cuter so really if you have to go young…just sayin’.

All that said it is funny watching this kid fall for the substitute teacher and not understand what is happening to him. It made me think of that song Accidentally in Love. I’m sure as I keep watching and the two guys compete for the lady there will be more laughs ahead.

One note for new K-drama watchers. The term “flower boy” in Korea is complimentary. It means an exceptionally handsome young guy–pretty boys really, who are fashionable. This show, as was To the Beautiful You, and K-pop boy bands, is like having a stud stable of them.

Full House 2

Remember how I wasn’t going to watch Full House 2 because of the horrible hair styles? Well they fixed the leading lady’s hair somewhere around episode 21 (although the clothes are still atrocious. Maybe another blog post?). And yes…yes I did start watching at episode 21. I could figure out the story without having to go back and watch previous episodes. I have no desire to go back and watch but since there is a massive 34 episodes (typical dramas run 16-20 episodes), I’m interested to see what happens. There has been an interesting plot twist at the point where I started. I find that even fast forwarding I can still keep up with the interesting parts of the storyline. Wait if I’m fast forwarding, why am I watching this?

2 thoughts on “Flower Boy Ramen Shop Review

    1. I agree! The next time I see the teacher-student description, I’ll just opt not to watch. On the other hand I really like Shut Up Flower Boy Band and only two episodes in, I am loving Flower Boy Next Door.

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