You, Robot — help me!

robot with mouth openAhhh, I’ve just been given a robot to take one task off my hands. This is fabulous. Except I can think of at least three tasks Ren Robot should take off my hands. But when I weigh out quality of life issues and what I hate most, hands down Ren Robot needs to become my chauffeur. 

If Ren Robot drove me places, I’d have so many more adventures, friendships and my quality of life would skyrocket! He would be great to bounce ideas off while we’re on the road while I focus on writing, reading or attending to business. He could be programmed to understand how to drive on either side of the road depending on what country he’s in. Then I could truly live and work anywhere in the world.

As an added bonus Ren could be built to serve as protection since he would accompany me many places.

Chatter is welcomed!

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