Top dad’s in k-drama

Okay I started this list so optimistically, And then I realized of the dramas I’ve watched the worst dad’s list was easier. So in honor of Father’s Day here’s my lists of the top best and worst fathers in Asian drama*.

Best Dads

Caring. Loving. Actively involved in their children’s lives (in a good way). These dads protect and support their kids in healthy ways. And they’ve managed not to get killed off by the k-drama gods as so many of the good dads do.
  • Playful Kiss  – Oh Ki-dong (female lead’s dad)
  • Playful Kiss  –  Baek Soo-chang (male lead’s dad)
  • Love Cheque Charge – He Guang Hu (male lead’s dad)
  • In Time with You – female lead’s dad
  • I Do, I Do –  Park Tae-kang (the male lead and accidental father)
  • Pinocchio – Choi Dal-pyung (female lead’s dad)
  • Pinocchio – Choi Gong-pil (male lead’s adopted dad)

Worst Fathers

These guys may be fathers, but they are no daddies! They totally suck. They’re right up there with Darth Vader as a father. From pimping out their kids, stealing their kids money to turning them into revenge killing machines, they will never win any good parenting awards.  This list just sticks with the worst of the worst. I’ve eliminated all the dads who run up debt, run away and leave their children to deal with the consequences.


  • Panda and Hedgehog – Choi Jae-kyum (male lead’s dad) Tried to kill his own son.
  • City Hunter Lee – Jin-pyo aka Steve Lee (male lead’s adopted dad)


  • Heirs – Choi Dong-wook (male lead Young Do’s dad)
  • Heirs – Kim Nam Yun (male lead Kim Tan’s dad)
  • High Society – Jang Won-sik (female lead’s dad)
  • It’s Okay, That’s Love – (Park Soo-kwang’s dad)

Selfish and Liars

  • Angel Eyes – Yoo Jae Beom (female lead’s dad)
  • Love Rain – Professor Seo In Ha (male lead’s dad)
  • Love Around – Liang Yi Lei (female lead’s dad)
  • Heart to Heart – Go Jae-woong (male lead’s dad)
  • You’re All Surrounded  – (male lead’s dad)

*List includes Korean and Taiwanese dramas.

2 thoughts on “Top dad’s in k-drama

    1. Lee Sang Yoon makes watching that one worth it! *drools* I’ve seen that actor be a terrible dad in two shows now. He needs to redeem himself by being a good guy ASAP.

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