An alien talks UFOs in LA

Martian ballon
Yeah, you just keep on believing those lights in the sky was the Navy. Mmm hmm.

There was so much chatter about the random lights flying in the sky over LA last week, I got up the courage to ask my coworker his thoughts on what happened. Although Al has been the Intergalactic Consulant for a couple of years at my job, it’s still kinda scary to approach him. He’s very quiet and I can’t quite read him.

Me: Hey, Al, no offense, but I was wondering if you heard that people in Los Angles thought they saw a UFO recently.

Al: So, I’m supposed to know everything about space just because I’m not from earth?

Me: No, nooo…I-I just thought it was interesting.

Al: Did you ask other humans about this?

Me: Well…no…not really. But I tweeted about it.

Al: The problem with humans is you act like you created every single thing. Let me tell you. You think you’re the only species that has Uber? Yeah well, there’s also Uber-U, that’s Uber for interplanetary travel. How do you think I get home to visit my family?

Me: Oh. Uber. That company is the coolest.

Al: Just because you can’t identify it doesn’t mean it’s unidentifiable. Intelligent life should know this.



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