Wishes come true: Yuri On Ice at the Olympic Games

cartoon me jumping in ice skatingAll season long I’ve been whining about how I wished Hanyu Yuzuru would skate to Yuri’s short program music, Yuri On Ice, from the anime of that name. And then the Twittersphere delivered this to me today: Suzaki Miu and Kihara Ryuichi skated to music from the Yuri on Ice soundtrack at the Olympics!

How the heck did I miss this all season! (Well, I didn’t watch much pairs skating last year, so there’s that.) I hope more skaters make use of other music from the soundtrack. It’s really good. Here’s Suzaki and Kihara doing their thing at the Four Continents Championship.

Yuri on Ice


 Born to Make History

And bonus, they skated to my favorite polyglot Dean Fujioka’s song Born to Make History, too. I can’t gush about him now. That’s for another post, another day.


Japanese skaters have skated to music from my favorite anime about figure skating. I can die a happy woman now.






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