A Kyoto ghost story

Sooo….I’m pretty sure I saw a ghost while I was in Kyoto. Well I didn’t actually see it, I just saw the evidence of being in the presence of one.

While I waited at the entrance of a shrine, I noticed a totally empty tiny playground nearby. In it sat two swings side by side.two swings in a playground

The air was still and heavy with that tropical heat and humidity as it had been my entire visit. There was absolutely not even a slight breeze blowing. But suddenly, one of the two swings started to move. It kept swinging higher and higher with NO ONE AROUND!

Video or it didn’t happen

I know that’s what you’re thinking right now. Well I tried to start filming but was so startled I didn’t realize I hadn’t actually switched from camera mode to the video setting. I realized later that kinda didn’t matter because I didn’t get it right from the beginning anyway.

Then in the middle of sweating like a rugby player at a World Cup Match, I felt cold. Everything around me seemed to get quiet. I looked around to see if anyone else noticed any of this, but I had wandered away from the Torii gate and everyone was farther away than I thought. I looked at the swings that were now back to sitting side by side, still nobody around them. I felt the sweltering heat again and heard voices speaking Chinese growing louder and louder.

The moment passed quickly. But it was definitely memorable as my first haunted encounter while traveling.