Pride hockey game

Kimura Takuya fandom

I'm over two decades late to the party, but I'm now firmly on board with the Kimura Takuya fandom. Along with the other folks in the k-drama watching group, we decided to jump to Japanese drama for a mini break from Korean dramas. We had the option to watch one of  three Kimura Takuya TV shows: from his …

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Just Mi Yeon it!

This is my new solution to every K-drama plot or situation that makes no sense. I just Mi Yeon it. How does one Mi Yeon? Mi Yeoning takes skill and preparation. First you need one straw, a wine glass and a stash of fine wine (or boxed, you won't care when you're still drunk at breakfast the …

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Ancient Aliens

I was about to say that the content on the History Channel is so sensational that it bears no resemblance at all to actual history nowadays. Except considering the most used history books are written by and from the perspective of whomever the current colonizer is for your location, perhaps aliens interfering with earthlings throughout …

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