Just Mi Yeon it!

Mi Yeon drinks wine using a straw.This is my new solution to every K-drama plot or situation that makes no sense. I just Mi Yeon it.

How does one Mi Yeon? Mi Yeoning takes skill and preparation. First you need one straw, a wine glass and a stash of fine wine (or boxed, you won’t care when you’re still drunk at breakfast the next day and your mama calls you out about it.). Slurp this 24/7, taking periodic breaks to lose your mind. If you have an evil husband this is even better because it will really make you lose touch with reality, but it’s not necessary. Constantly, drinking your wine using a straw is sufficient.

It looks a little something like this.

wine bottle and glass with a straw

So don’t stress if the bad guys (and gals) go unpunished on your show. Or your OTP drives off in a sports car and it’s morning, but arrive at their destination in a van a couple hours later without any explanation. Or why you’d go off to a secluded location or a hunting expedition with people you suspect are trying to kill you. Just Mi Yeon it and it will all make sense! Your hazy manner and fogged up brain will get you through the improbable plot twists and continuity errors. This is my takeaway after watching 18 episodes of Mask: you don’t have to understand as long as you drink your wine the classy chaebol way.

Your new k-drama mantra: Just Mi Yeon it!

Ancient Aliens

I was about to say that the content on the History Channel is so sensational that it bears no resemblance at all to actual history nowadays. Except considering the most used history books are written by and from the perspective of whomever the current colonizer is for your location, perhaps aliens interfering with earthlings throughout history is not so unreal at all. Years from now I fully expect to be watching episode 9000 of Ancient Aliens and discover that Dick Cheney, like Merlin, was an alien with advanced technology sent to help the United States. #WatchingAncientAliens