ROY G BIV in a mural in the wild

“Roy G. Biv” is an acronym made of the first letters of the seven colors of the rainbow, to help you remember: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. It’s also your photo challenge theme for this week! Challenge accepted! My brothers' school in Brookline has a mural with ROY G. BIV. Enjoy more rainbow of color at The Daily Post.

A Word A Week Photo Challenge: Track

Inspired by A Word in Your Ear

A Word a Week Challenge: Castle

As a child who enjoyed living in her rich, imaginative interior world, Brookline was a great place. It was a town full of old buildings I pretended were castles with princes and princesses living inside. Funny how, I didn't fancy kings and queens. These are the type of buildings that fueled my imagination. And here's …

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