A Word a Week Challenge: Castle

As a child who enjoyed living in her rich, imaginative interior world, Brookline was a great place. It was a town full of old buildings I pretended were castles with princes and princesses living inside. Funny how, I didn’t fancy kings and queens. These are the type of buildings that fueled my imagination.

And here’s a photo I didn’t take, but grabbed from eBay to show you the Fisher-Price castle that I wanted so badly as a kid.

Fisher-Price castle toy

If you’ve seen Agnes in the movie Despicable Me desiring the fluffy unicorn, that’s how much I wanted this castle that included a moat, drawbridge and a knight in shining armor!

Nope, my parents didn’t ever buy it for me.

I’m not sure that I’ve ever been to a real castle. I’ve been wracking my brain trying to think of one. Maybe it’s just as well. I hear that aren’t nearly as fancy and beautiful inside as my childhood dreams pictured them.

Inspiration provided by A Word in Your Ear Word A Week Photography Challenge.

2 thoughts on “A Word a Week Challenge: Castle

    1. I love the architecture in older cities. Living down south, the larger cities sometimes don’t value historic city buildings as much. They often get torn down instead of renovated.

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