A Word A Week Photo Challenge: Fur

A few furry, four-legged fur balls that blessed me with love, loyalty and companionship! Inspiration provided by A Word in Your Ear 

Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

This lil fella was the ultimate companion. Official name: Little Professor Winston Hans. He was always up for whatever adventure I'd take him on. He didn't mind sporting his wardrobe on occasion and tolerated my pre-game shenanigans.Then hung out with me during the games, too. My brother always called him Sir Winston, so quite possibly he …

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Blue carpet at the Billboard Music Awards

  I don't know who this is and really after listening to music I mostly had no particular feeling for all night, I don't care. In my book she is the coolest just because she had a Mini Schnauzer on the blue carpet at the Billboard Music Awards last night. Just because of that, I …

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