Weekly Photo Challenge: Sweet

Spanish figure skater Javier Fernandez nails aegyo (애교) in this sweet photo of him receiving the bronze medal at the 2018 Winter Olympics. He definitely has the looks to be a K-pop idol and now the moves, too! There's more sweets for the sweet at The Daily Post. SaveSave

Wishes come true: Yuri On Ice at the Olympic Games

All season long I've been whining about how I wished Hanyu Yuzuru would skate to Yuri's short program music, Yuri On Ice, from the anime of that name. And then the Twittersphere delivered this to me today: Suzaki Miu and Kihara Ryuichi skated to music from the Yuri on Ice soundtrack at the Olympics! How …

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Vocal music for Figure Skaters

This year marks the first time figure skaters can use vocal music at the Winter Olympic Games. I celebrated at the announcement as I viewed it at progress and a way to bring freshness to the sport. But upon further review, my opinion changed. I've been indulging in lots of figure skating during the 2017-18 …

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