Chirba Chirba buns

Step ya food truck rodeo game up

My first food truck rodeo was not so great. Well, the food I was able to get was fabulous, but the long lines, the heat, the crowds —ugh it was a disaster. The next was drizzly but not so bad since that meant the lines were shorter. I've heard a lot of people complain that …

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Recipes lost

Dinner rolls and sweet potatoes. Something so small made me a tad melancholy this morning. I was going over my grocery list for Thanksgiving and I added rolls. But I was sad because what I really wanted was my Great Uncle Rufus' homemade dinner rolls for Thanksgiving dinner, not some generic store bought ones. His were …

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

The Farmer's Market returning to the center of the city just like an old time village is a big thing lately. There's nothing like real fresh local vegetables, fruits  and meats for us urban dwellers.