Currently on repeat: Park Hyo Shin

This should be titled currently on repeat again, since I feel like every couple of months I binge on Park Hyo Shin music. I love my boy bands and hip-hop, but sometimes I just want to be enchanted by a clear, powerful voice. Here's my top three of his videos on repeat: The Day (OST …

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Vocal music for Figure Skaters

This year marks the first time figure skaters can use vocal music at the Winter Olympic Games. I celebrated at the announcement as I viewed it at progress and a way to bring freshness to the sport. But upon further review, my opinion changed. I've been indulging in lots of figure skating during the 2017-18 …

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Oil painting of a girl playing piano at music lesson

Piano personality: life and music

While watching a show about a concert pianist, it reminded me of one of my piano teachers. As a kid I always wanted to play these delicate, dainty sounding pieces of music. I was a shy kid who kept most of my emotion hidden from anyone who wasn't one of the handful of people I …

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