Currently on repeat: Park Hyo Shin

This should be titled currently on repeat again, since I feel like every couple of months I binge on Park Hyo Shin music. I love my boy bands and hip-hop, but sometimes I just want to be enchanted by a clear, powerful voice. Here’s my top three of his videos on repeat:

The Day (OST from Mr. Sunshine)

I particularly adore the maturity of his voice now. And this song alone will probably make me watch the show Mr. Sunshine.


One of Park Hyo Shin’s most famous songs, I like how low key this video is, yet the vocals are still strong. Check out pianist Jung Jae Il playing in his bare feet!

And this is a video of him singing Wildflower again. This masterpiece was shot in one take outside by a drone. I keep watching vocal coaches review this — just because it’s nice to see other people reacting to first time hearing his voice.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a full video for Sound of Winter. But here’s a teaser. And it’s so short it really is a tease. But you can probably find the full version on Spotify, Amazon or Apple Music.


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