F is for football frustration and the Foot

Considering the Platinum Foot, also known as the Patriots' former phenomenal clutch kicker, put on the board every point the C@!#$ scored, I guess Peyton Manning no longer considers Kickers idiots.I, however, am left wondering if the Patriots are the idiots for letting such a priceless resource walk to, of all teams, that one.Fond Vinatieri …

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Here’s the kicker

My Pats haven't even played a down yet, and they might have caused me to lose already. Simply by sending Adam Vinatieri to the C@!#$. Go Ravens!Ravens, you owe it to the fans to crush those lowdown, sneakin' out in the middle of the night, history-stealin' C@!#$!

Movin’ on

Down, but not out. It's time for me to put my scarlet and gray disappointment to rest (until the draft) and focus on my favorite league--the NFL.Division Playoffs. Considering the recent Monday Meltdown, you'd think I would forget about the picks, statistics, the spreads and just do a George K. Do everything the opposite of …

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