Movin’ on

Down, but not out.

It’s time for me to put my scarlet and gray disappointment to rest (until the draft) and focus on my favorite league–the NFL.

Division Playoffs. Considering the recent Monday Meltdown, you’d think I would forget about the picks, statistics, the spreads and just do a George K.

Do everything the opposite of what I’d normally do.

Here’s my picks:

Baltimore Ravens
New Orleans Saints
Chicago Bears
San Diego Chargers

In general, I really hate to pick against any of my former hometowns (sorry Pats) but the possibility of winning that oh-so tacky, American-sized plasma TV is way too tempting. I wouldn’t blame them if they won just to spite me.

Ladies, was it me or did anyone else just want to give Romo the biggest bear hug (and more) after that nightmarish fumble? He looked like Charlie Brown after Lucy yanks the ball away. If your celebrity gals don’t appreciate you, Tony, just come to North Cacalackey for comfort.

It was an awesome attempt on your part to pick it up and run it to clean up the mess. Whole different headline if that would have worked.

Chatter is welcomed!

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