Drama for the snowbound

Whether you have a Boo, a Bae, an Oppa, a Noona or you're flying solo, these dramas are just right if Snowmaggedeon has you stuck indoors and in snuggle mode. Love Rain Just start at episode 5 and then watch 6 for the beautiful cinematography capturing winter in the mountains of Japan. Yoona and Jang …

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In Time With You Remake Review

***May contain spoilers*** I tried to give The Time We Were Not in Love a fair chance. Because In Time With You is in my top 10 and the only Taiwanese drama that I want to re-watch, I knew it was going to be a hurdle to like its remake. Since I've watched multiple versions of …

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The 29ers Photo Album

Just because these two were the cutest couple, I want to revisit Plus Nine Boys