couple hugging

Play time

Imagine us soaring to a higher level where we can revel in deliciously decadent play throughout the day and into the night ‘til dark again becomes light.

False Pretenses

After work on a rainy day Under the awning of a building I met you. Today, you wanted to say something. But didn't know what to say. So, you hesitated. As I struggled to raise my umbrella, It began to rain harder. Gallantly you said, "Let me help." I thanked you; you introduced yourself. "I …

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Pleasantly Surprised ***SPOILERS***

Mea culpa. In my last exaltation of dimples, I inadvertently forgot to include this lovely example of the double dimple, pleasant smile combination — actor Lu Yi Hao also known as Jasper Liu. He and the entire show Love Myself or You (aka Pleasantly Surprised) is indeed a pleasant surprise. It reminds me of a …

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