First J-drama: Clinic on the Sea review

Clinic on the Sea TV ShowI never thought I’d expand to watching dramas produced in other countries since I decided to learn Korean and part of my strategy for that is immersion. But after watching a couple of Taiwanese shows, I figured if I saw something else that seemed interesting, I try it regardless of language.

In the past I haven’t had much luck with Japanese movies. I always seem to pick the strangest or saddest ones. Strange, I’m cool with. I like strange. But sad, nah. I watch TV and movies to escape the real world bad stuff. I try to steer clear of sad endings and tragic melodramas, although that’s not always easy. The one Japanese drama I did watch was Hana Yori Dango which was based on the manga Boys Over Flowers. I liked and disliked it I guess. But one of the stars from that show, Shota Matsuda, plays Dr. Kota Sezaki in Clinic on the Sea.

I’m almost finished watching Clinic on the Sea, a very cute and funny Japanese show about a handsome, extrodinarily talented doctor who is a loser at love. It’s pretty formulaic and for most viewers that makes it boring. For me, it was a nice hour-long break with lots of laughs and just enough hint at romance between Dr. Kota and Mako-chan to hold my interest. It’s quiet and pleasant. Nothing earth-shattering happens, but you get to know all the quirky characters that work on the clinic boat, Kaishinmaru. This show always left me feeling pleasant and smiling. And that’s enough for me.

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