My Football Season Sucked!

Thankfully, the Benedryl kicked in shortly after Ginn’s kick return touchdown and I slept blissfully unaware that my Buckeyes were getting the worst smackdown EVER. I woke up around noon the next day. I couldn’t believe that had transposed the score. Sloppy editors. I checked ESPN dot com. Who hacked my computer??!! Had I somehow been punk’d?

The bad cold and cold medicine haze gone, I was forced to face harsh reality. The promising dream of a Panther’s Super Bowl win and a Buckeye National Championship in the same year was ruthlessly stripped away. The Sports Illustrated cover featuring the Carolina Panthers sits in a magazine basket mocking me. The excitement of being the #1 team all season, staying undefeated, and adding another Heisman to our illustrious collection, well…

How did a heavenly Fall end with a Winter in the nether regions of Hell?

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