Watching my boyfriend hook up with someone else

kissing coupleMiss X and Mr. Z are both famous actors in their country who dated for about 3 years. I unintentionally watched their shows back-to-back in which each played the leading role in their show’s romance. Mr. Z’s chemistry with his leading lady was off the charts steamy and very believable. Initially I didn’t think that guy was attractive, but by the end of watching that show, he was running a close second to Idris Elba in my book. Now that’s HAWT!

Miss X, bless her heart, had zero chemistry with her leading man. They were a cute couple for the show, but nothing that would raise any eyebrows or make a boyfriend jealous. So this got me to thinking about the reality of dating an actor who is hot. We all drool over Idris, but could a relationship with him withstand all that heat he has onscreen with Ruth Wilson?

So your BF’s job is to make romantic scenes look realistic. The better he does that the more popular he becomes, the more jobs he gets, makes more money and, as a couple, we’d maintain a nice lifestyle–if that’s important.

Even though Miss X is in the same industry and understands the acting process, still, seeing your BF macking on some other lady must feel a bit like betrayal. Stepping into her shoes I thought of two scenes in Mr. Z’s show that, as a girlfriend, would have made me ballistic. One was a lengthy (I mean loooooong and deeeep) French kiss that went on for days; another was when the two characters are laying in bed doing nothing. But it was the look they were giving each other that would have made me want to cut Mr. Z. No way I could have sat next to Mr. Z, as my boyfriend, and watched either of those scenes, or the entire show for that matter. Of course, I’m a Scorpio so jealousy is a given if you buy into those things. Looked up Miss X’s birthday. Just so happens she’s a Scorpio, too. Uh-oh!

So I read Miss X and Mr. Z are no longer a couple as of early last year. (Shortly after his show with the sensual scenes ended. Hmm.) Normally I’d make a comment about celebrity romances having the lifespan of a drone ant. But factoring in the amount of time spent away from one another filming and such intimate onscreen interactions with other people, I can see why it would be difficult to stay together. I give celebrities credit for even trying.

4 thoughts on “Watching my boyfriend hook up with someone else

  1. Totally agree! This is a great point. It would surely suck to have a significant other in this kind of industry and taking on those kinds of roles. I’ve often wondered the same things — especially about some actors and actresses who make it look extra, EXTRA believable.

    I’ve read about a few (LITERALLY, a maybe two or three) actors who have been known to only make themselves available for roles that won’t require them to get “too” personal with someone else on-screen…or, if they’re on a T.V. show, for instance, they’ll try to limit how often those kinds of scenes have to happen..or, if in a movie, how many of those kinds of scenes plus how deep they go.

    Like, there’s this really, exTREMELY attractive (ok, HOT!) guy on the show General Hospital — the actor’s name is Steve Burton, he plays “Jason Morgan” on the show, the actor has been married since the late-’90s and he and his wife share a few kids together.Well, even though his body is BANGIN’ and he’s many (if not most) of the show’s female fans’ favorite character (and partly because of that – his looks!), he very rarely ever has any scenes with his shirt off OR with him and his now-wife on the show (who was for a long time his girlfriend on the show) making out and/or having sex. He’s also hasn’t had many romantic partners on the show, even despite having been on there since around the early to mid-’90s. On the other hand, another very popular character on the show, Sonny Corinthos (played by actor Maurice Bernard, whose been married since the early ’90s and he and his wife also have several children together) has been with a MILLION and one women on the show and has had lots and LOTS of very intense-looking, very passionate-looking and highly realistic love and sex scenes with just about all the women! I’ve heard that Steve’s situation for Jason has been done on purpose in respect of his wife and family. I don’t know what Maurice’s is — either his wife is crazy secure, she’s just come to be used to it or they’re both able to focus on the fact that it’s strictly business and that’s it.

    But I must admit — if the Steve/Jason situation is true, I would much more prefer to be with a guy like that…especially if the producers and other “powers that be” of the TV show or movie they’re on/in allow it! I think that’s highly commendable and pretty cool!

    But anyway, sorry for typing an epic!

    1. I’m with you! I admire Steve Burton for sticking to that stance and give credit to TPTB for recognizing his value to the show and letting him. As a former GH/other soap opera watcher, that’s amazing knowing how increasingly racy the romances have gotten, that he is even able to do that. On another note, I can’t believe Maurice Benard is still on the show, too. I haven’t watched GH since the 90s but I still remember the characters.

      1. Yep, it IS crazy that Steve’s been able to get away with it for so long, especially all things considered like you said! I wonder how many actors and actresses out there that also have that requirement/preference/arrangement that we just don’t know about. I think I heard some years ago that Denzel might also be one of ’em, if I’m not mistaken.

        And as for Maurice Benard still being on the show, yep! lol… It certainly is pretty crazy, and actually, they had made the show revolve around the Sonny character for a LONG while — a good majority of the 2000s, actually.. Since the show switched the main writer last year, though, it’s become a lot more balanced, thank goodness. But yeah, love him or hate him, Sonny is considered one of the all-time fan faves for GH — I heard he gets paid the second most on the show, next to Anthony Geary (who plays Luke). And speaking of which, he’s another one still on the show actually, but he more so jumps in and out whenever he feels like it. He’ll go on vacation for like several months and then be back on the show for several months and it just continues to alternate like that indefinitely, it seems, and I’ve read before that all that “special treatment” and allowances have become built into his contract.

        Monica Quartermaine is another one whose been on the show forever — far longer than either Sonny or even Luke — but her appearances are even more scattered (but unlike Anthony/Luke, I don’t think it’s by choice), although since that new main writer stepped in, she’s had a lot lot LOT more face time than she had in most of the last decade or so. But yeah, I bet if you take a quick glance at the show while channel surfing one day, you’ll notice at least maybe five or so people (like Elizabeth, Alexis, Mack, Lucky and Robin, although I hear the latter two will be leaving soon) who have been on the show since around when you were last watching. A whole lotta loyalty those actors/actresses must have…

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