Mommy drama

Every time I watch a Korean drama, I declare someone is the worst mother ever in the world. And just when I see another woman who does something to make me think, surely this one is the worst mother, well, the next show I watch proves me wrong.

After watching Boys Over Flowers, I just knew Jun Pyo’s mother was the worst hell bitch ever. And then I saw Secret Garden. Not only was Joo Won’s mother a hateful witch trying to keep her son away from a girl, just because of her social class, but the lady was unfashionable and fugly. At least Jun Pyo’s mom was attractive and strong enough to run a corporation.

Recently I finished watching You’re Beautiful and I really think I found the worst mother in not just our universe, but a couple of ones over, too. She abandoned her child for a man and her singing career, wouldn’t let him acknowledge that she was his mother, Couldn’t remember her child’s birthday or that he was allergic to shrimp. (she forced him to eat it) Then she tried to force/blackmail him to remake a song written for her by the man she abandoned him for. Oh, plus she blackmailed his girlfriend. I could go on and on.

When they’re not trying to win the “Worst Mother of the Universe” trophy, the kdrama mamas are dead, usually from a car accident when the kid was young. I don’t know who is worse Disney or Korean dramas when it comes to the war on mothers.

So on this mother’s day I am thankful for my super-loving, encouraging and supportive mother. I’ve always known I was wanted and loved from the time I was born. I’m glad we have a great, drama-free relationship.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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