Bullets and Batman in Aurora

There have been a few movies I’ve wanted to see this year. None all that badly. With the exception of Harry Potter, for the most part, I didn’t feel a strong need to see them at the theater. Just for the fun of Girl’s Night out I splurged on Magic Mike. Because if anyone needed some stress-free, mindless guy watching, it’s me. 🙂

I have this elaborate ranking system to determine if a movie is first-run theater worthy (matinee of course unless it’s a date), IMAX, $2.00 theater worthy, Redbox and finally Netflix or Hulu. The one movie that I truly felt I had to see at a theater was The Dark Knight Rises.

When all the IMAX tickets except the 8 a.m. show were sold out, I prepared to prepurchase tickets from the regular theater. And then, the Aurora, Colorado massacre happened.  I still haven’t gone to see my favorite superhero’s movie, yet. It makes me mad that some lunatic made me hesitate. Ruined the anticipation and excitement of seeing the end of the trilogy. I don’t like that for now I’m letting that nutcase win.

While Republicans ridiculously keep trying to turn back the clock on women’s health and rights, and the Democrats sit on their hands scared to truly make a stand, the cracks in the health of our country keep widening. Instead of trying to run Planned Parenthood out of business, some true thought out to be put into how to fix the mental health care system in America. Trying to get adult children committed to a mental health facility, if one is available, is truly difficult.

Oh, and let’s get real about gun laws. Can someone tell me why Joe Citizen needs an assault weapon in their home or on their person? I just want to hear one legitimate reason why that is needed. Until then, the federal and state governments need to stop being romanced by the NRA while the NRA screws the rest of us. That combination of mental illness unchecked and easy access to as many guns and ammunition as you can afford is scary and completely unnecessary.

Our government simply needs to get it together and start working together. In the meantime, I plan on seeing The Dark Knight Rises as planned at my local theater soon. Can’t let bad win.

3 thoughts on “Bullets and Batman in Aurora

  1. COuldn’t agree more about mental healthcare. I’ve shared with you before that I work with middle school students with disabilities, many of them having severe cognitive mental disabilities. Part of my job is to help the parents become aware of the transition options for when they graduate high school because for many of those programs, it can take years to even get on the waiting list. And quite honestly that is because there are just not many facilities out there and then it is a major bitch to get someone qualified to get in there. Unfortunately, the majority of people with mental disabilities that do not have well off parents end up wandering the streets. I work in an area of extremely high poverty and I wonder down the road how many of my former students will I see wandering the streets. However, in the case of this particular student that shot up that theater, he should have been receiving medical attention through his college if he was seeking it, and I am surprised that he was not referred there by someone in his family or a friend (though I haven’t been watching the news so there may be a part of the story that I am missing). My brother was first diagnosed with bipolar disorder when he was attending UCF and that is how he was able to start getting the medication he needed. What was the verdict on this guy? Was he just severely depressed or schizophrenic or what? Because I don’t have cable and haven’t been at work this week (summer school ended and it was my week off before going back in for workshops) to read the paper or watch the news I haven’t heard.

    And The Dark Knight Rises is really good BTW and totally worth seeing in theaters :P)

    1. I’m planning to see it Sunday. 🙂

      They are saying he’s schizophrenic and had been seeing a campus psychologist who reported him to campus authorities as a person to be concerned about. They didn’t do anything to help.

      I have an adult cousin who is bipolar. The doctors have had to switch meds often and he also isn’t good about staying on his meds like he should. He is scary sometimes and it’s hard for his parents to make him stay on them. He is free to leave the facility where he lives so you know the solutions are not the best.

      1. Yeah bipolar is tough. My brother’s meds have been changed a lot too and he can’t live by himself. He is constantly getting into trouble.

        I know someone who recently attempted to commit suicide and they wouldn’t keep her in the hospital for therapy for more than a week because the insurance didn’t want to pay it. It’s really ridiculous how tight fisted insurances are about psychological health.

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