K-drama Olympics

In honor of The 2012 Summer Olympic Games, officially the Games of the XXX Olympiad, I’ve come up with a few events that might be featured at the K-drama Olympics

Marathon Crying Competition

Oh, the sobbing, the sobbing. Sometimes I have to fast forward through it. Competitors vying for this gold medal:

  1. Oh Ha Ni – Playful Kiss
  2. Go Eun Chan – Coffee Prince
  3. Gil Ra Im – Secret Garden
  4. Geum Jan Di – Boys Over Flowers

Desperate Running

Running to reunite with their lovers, running, running, running. Run, Forest, Run. Competitors are:

  1. Hyun Ki Joon – Lie to Me
  2. Kim Joo Won – Secret Garden
  3. Seo In Ha – Love Rain
  4. Seol Gong Chan – My Girl
  5. Goo Jun Pyo – Boys Over Flowers
  6. Cha Dae Woong – My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

Drinking Competition

Competing in this sport: Every character in all 30 of the K-drama’s (and Korea movies) I’ve watched so far. I couldn’t just select one. The Soju and beer drinking is off the charts in every show, and men and women both partake in the heavy drinking and drunkness. Everyone gets a gold medal here. This competition is immediately followed by:

Piggyback Racing

After a long night (or day) of drinking bottles of Soju, our wasted heroines must be given a piggyback ride home. I’ve also included a few where this scenario gets reversed–ladies piggybacking guys. Racers are:

  1. Park Gae In and Jeon Jin Ho – Personal Taste
  2. Jung Ha Na and Seo Joon – Love Rain
  3. Oh Ha Ni and Baek Seung Jo – Playful Kiss
  4. Kim Sam Soon and Hyun Jin Heon – My Name is Sam Soon
  5. Go Eun Chan and Choi Han Kyul – Coffee Prince
  6. Noh Eun Seol and Cha Ji Heon and Cha Moo Won – Protect the Boss*

*Eun Seol probably should get double gold medals for piggybacking two men and maybe a women if I remember correctly.

Fighting – Ladies Division

These women kicked several men’s ass. And some of those men liked it!

  1. Kim Na Na – City Hunter
  2. Shin Eun Ah – City Hunter
  3. Yoo Eu Jae – Wild Romance

Storyline Gymnastics

These stories flipped and flopped all over the place. Truly this could apply to so many shows in ways both good and bad. Trust, there were several heats, but I had to narrow it down for the finals.

I hate to give Big an award for anything, but just for the sheer extreme tumbling, unevenness, vaulting over the obvious, providing a small beam for us viewers to walk on while keeping hopes that this show would right itself in the end, Big gets the All-Around Medal.

Event finalists

  1. Big – Uneven Bars
  2. Secret Garden – Balance Beam
  3. The King 2 Hearts – Vault
  4. City Hunter – High Bar and Floor Exercise
  5. Wild Romance – Pommel Horse

Got any others you’d like to add? Thoughts on who may have won Gold, Silver and Bronze? Comment on!

2 thoughts on “K-drama Olympics

  1. Crying Men’s division? Hero of How To Meet A Perfect Neighbor. His answer for everything? Weep. Lie To Me should probably take gold for Lie To Me. They had that synchronized desperate run at the end. Piggyback Racing? Awesome. Go Eun Chan also piggybacked a couple of different men. Baek Seung Jo be docked points for jerkiest behavior while piggybacking. Fighting. Looks like I need to see some City Hunter! Protect the Boss had a kick butt heroine. Totally laughed at the uneven bars!

    Great post! So much fun.

    1. Synchronized desperate running!!! ROFL. And how could I forget about Go Eun Chan epic piggybacking. She should get triple gold.

      Eotteoke about our Baek Seung Jo? Such a cute mean boy. Ah can’t get distracted by his looks. Definitely points deducted for behavior.

      Yep, Noh Eun Seol and her roommate/best friend need to make the fighting list. And they were amateurs but as good as pros! The City Hunter gals were professionally trained.

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