Happy 50th 007

album coverMy favorite spy movie series, James Bond, turns 50 today and I’m celebrating right along with the rest of the world. I’ve always wanted to be a Bond girl–vixen or villan. With enough stage makeup and shoe inserts in platform stilettos I suppose it could still be possible.

I love James Bond in the movies. (As I write this I’m listening to The Best of Bond…James Bond soundtrack.) And I’m picky about my Bonds. Yes, I’m the fan who critiques the heck out of any actor being put forth as the next Bond. Sean Connery will always be my numero uno James Bond. For me, James Bond just has to be a somewhat chauvinistic, manly-man cad to be authentic. Sorry independent ladies. I know it’s total rubbish, but in my fantasy land that’s how I like it. Suave and rugged and completely inappropriate.

I remember being really mad when Pierce Brosnan first was being looked at to take over the role, but didn’t get it. I was a big fan of Remington Steele. In hindsight it was better he didn’t get the role at the time. While he had all the suaveness necessary, the cynical ruggedness was missing. He needed more “manly.”

Daniel Craig nailed rugged. Fitting that he is “pre-Bond” because in the first film he is “becoming” the James Bond that we know and love. He isn’t supposed to have the suave part nailed down yet. Like all my favorite Bonds, he has sexy down all day.

In keeping with my American culture I rank everything. Here is my favorite Bond ranking:

  1. Sean Connery
  2. Daniel Craig
  3. Timothy Dalton (He just edges out PB slightly)
  4. Pierce Brosnan (He came in when he had to be more politically correct. Not his fault)
  5. George Lazenby (Too bad he did just one)

Ok, so Roger Moore. I know he did the most movies and people love him. But not once did I look at him and want to hop in the sack with him. Nothing about him was seductive to me. He wasn’t even good-looking. So I never rank him at all. He was completely not even close to being a total Bond in my book.

I can’t do a whole day of Bond watching since it’s a work day, but I’ll definitely get in at least one film in honor of the occasion.

Bonus: I love when my interests collide. So here is k-pop group, Super Junior, bringing some James Bond into their music video for the song Spy.

Happy 50th anniversary Hollywood James Bond!

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