Bad hair, can’t watch

Since I ranted about this twice today, I figured I just needed to blog it out.

So there’s this show I watched earlier this year called Full House starring the fabulously fit Rain. Which is why I watched it. To see what all the fuss was about. So when I saw that there was a Full House 2 starring a cute actor I have liked in three other shows, I figured I’d give it a try. Breaking my rule of “Never watch a second season/version if the first show was just so-so or worse.” (I’m looking at you Dream High 2 and I Need Romance 2).

I couldn’t get past the first hour because of this:

No Min Woo

And this:

Korean actress

And this character is supposed to be a stylist!!

How in the world does a hair stylist (and clothing stylist but don’t get me started on that) make this fine man, who is versatile enough to be both metrosexual and slightly feminine at times, completely look like an ugly clown? How do you mess this up?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I thought I was the only crazy one, but while searching for a photo of the actress, I came across this blog which touched on the same issue: My Top 5…Permed Hair. Let’s just say this Top 5 isn’t a list you want to be on.

5 thoughts on “Bad hair, can’t watch

  1. Wait… that’s a man? LOL

    I LOVED I Need Romance, but it struck a personal note with me as I have been with the same man since I was 17 and we have had our ups and downs for sure. INR2 I thought may have actually had a stronger plot, though it didn’t quite have the same bond between the women. I saw like 2 episodes of Dream High 2 and then dropped it. It was AWFUL!!

  2. words-that-stay

    If you can grit your teeth through the terrible hair styles… the show is actually pretty fun thus far 🙂 I find it helps to just focus on his beautiful eyes and try to avoid looking at the frizzy mess they made of his hair.

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