Best of 2012: Network TV

kerry washingtonI very rarely write about shows I watch on American television, because without cable, I find myself watching it less. I miss watching Dexter, Mad Men, and Walking Dead because since going with just Netflix streaming, it takes a painfully long time to get them. Last year I was able to watch the fabulously creepy American Horror Story on Hulu, but this year’s wasn’t available.

Best of the best – Scandal

There wasn’t a show on network TV for me this year that was greater than Scandal. This show had me glued to the TV much like Revenge did last year. Despite it’s 10 p.m. scheduling, I dug in to watch it live with my Twitter, Facebook, IRL friends and other fans as much as possible. Shonda Rimes, the show’s executive producer and show runner is just brilliant. Her characters, plots and dialogue are intriguing. The snappy, rapid-fire dialogue is just so fantastic (I know, Grey’s Anatomy had it first). It’s such a smart show with equally smart characters. I know so many brilliant woman like Olivia who make such disastrous choices regarding men. Even after LOST hottie Ian Cusick left, I still have Columbus Short to drool over. You know the writing is good when the viewers with high moral standards are rooting for adultery! Kinda like how law-abiding citizens are rooting for the serial killer on Dexter.

Last year Revenge had me glued to the TV Wednesday nights, even when I was sleepy at 10 p.m. This year I couldn’t muster up enough interest to watch it, and I definitely don’t like it on Sundays. Scandal put out my fire for that show.


Another favorite from last year is New Girl. It’s full of peppy quirky characters. A reason I didn’t want to like it. But somehow it grew on me. It’s off-beat and funny.

A newly added favorite is The Mindy Project. Another weirdly funny show full of quirky characters. I like that, other than being a doctor, Indian American Mindy is not a bland stereotype of an American view of an East Indian woman. She’s a lovable hot mess. Hope this show sticks around for at least another season.


I don’t even know how…Nashville. Anyways I got sucked in. Because I liked Connie Britton from Friday Night Lights and I liked Hayden Paniterre when she was a Spaulding kid on The Guiding Light. This show definitely has a good premise and good moments. But the plot is going to have to improve for it to stick around. What I like best about it is the original music. It made me mix a little country back into my playlist between my k-pop and hip-hop.

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