Tech and K-drama

There may be a lot of old-fashioned concepts in K-drama, but the technology shown in the shows is usually stellar. From apartments with front doors that require numeric passcodes instead of keys, and door buzzers with video cameras, I drool at all of the things I would love to install in my home.

app screenLike a typical nerd, I got ridiculously excited at the siting of two of my favorite apps in shows I’m currently watching.  In Cheongdamdong Alice, the evil Red Queen, Shin In Hwa, uses my go-to app Dropbox for ready access to files you need for blackmail. Even bad people know the beauty and ease of using Dropbox.

While I waited for the next episodes of Cheongdamdong Alice and The Flower Boy Next Door to air, I started watching Can We Get Married. There I had my next favorite app siting. When the heroine Hye Yoon becomes worried she doesn’t pull out a diary or a glossy printed calendar. She goes straight to her electronic tablet and pulls up the simple and trusty Period Tracker app.

Period Tracker app

Phones get tons of attention, too. On, one of the most asked viewer questions after “What is the name of that song?” is “What kind of phone is that?” Samsung Galaxy Note phones are getting mega screen time on almost every current show.

Previously, I saw many Apple products—iPhones, iPads, and even iMacs, but now after the great double lawsuits debacle, I haven’t noticed any Apple products lately. Or at least no visible logos.  Such a shame since the City Hunter using an iPad just made me adore him more. If you’re going to be a cool guy taking down rich bad guys, the pre OS6  iPad and iPhone are the way to go!

flower boy next door screenshotLastly there’s The Flower Boy Next Door. I’ve noticed lately that the jobs K-drama characters have are often the same. Bakery worker/owner, department store employee/owner, toy maker, restaurant worker/owner, chef, etc. But in this show we have three guys (visually lovely guys hence the flower boy moniker) who actually create video games and web toons. And the heroine is a book editor who works from home online (dream job!). It will be interesting as the show goes on how much more tech from the gaming world perspective will be incorporated.

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