Point Reyes

The photos in this blog are always fabulous. But today the message is what spoke directly to me and I wanted to share it with others. If you’ve always wanted to see the world beyond your little plot of it, I hope you are inspired as well.

The Sophomore Slump

I know. I know it is sometimes hard, and can be so overwhelming. And that it is easier said than done. But look at the things I see …

Even just driving to the destination makes me think how being on the road, going outside, traveling can be oh-so rewarding ….

62496_10151453334548578_553132698_n .
I know. I know that there’s is that fine line between living vicariously and living responsibly. But sometimes, stop worrying. It’s okay, there’s plenty of time to adjust. You really just have to get out there and stop thinking, contemplating. When you have the liberty to do so, then do. Take some smart risks. Remove all your attachments. Sacrifice, for yourself, you owe that. I know. I know you do.

The world is your lighthouse’s view. I say, get your binocular and scan it to the littlest part the best that you can.

‘Cause you never know…

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