Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense

pitbull puppyThis very friendly Red Pitbull puppy I encountered at a shopping plaza will most likely face a lot of discrimination in the future. That was the present and future I saw while getting this shot.

Right now she was a curious, happily tail-waggin’ little lady eager to meet people and be petted. As I tried to get a good shot of the squirmy cutie, I couldn’t help but think about how she’ll carry the burden of the stereotypes of her breed. The burden of mistreated and poorly raised pitbulls whose owners bear the bulk of the responsibility for not doing their job appropriately and using these dogs for bad purposes.

No matter how great a dog she may continue to be, she will be looked at fearfully by most people, including myself who loves dogs, but is afraid of the guard dog breeds and “bully” breeds.

pitbull puppy

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